Mercury Marquis



February, 18, 2007 AT 2:05 PM

My 16 year old son has enjoyed driving my old car to school until recently. It is a '95 Grand Marquis, 190,000+ miles with a V-8 engine. It had been a very reliable car. After school he occasionally drives over to the convenience store to get gas, snacks, etc. Less than 1 mile. After a quick trip in the store, the car won't start. If it is left there for about an hour it will once again start. Any ideas?


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kin chan

February, 18, 2007 AT 4:54 PM

Well. Thats sounds like either an electrical which closely related is battery power, ground, ignitions or fuel ctrl.
Lets try the easy 1. Spray starting fluid thru vacuum outlet when it won't start and crank. If the engine turn over and have combustion then chk fuel pump, vapor lock. Things of that nature.
If it is power and ground then try a fresh, test battery and new cables and terminal, it might be an ignition coil.U gonna need a shop to test it with a scope. Unless u wanna take a chance and swap it. But If a coil is real bad when no start. Resistant test should be able to tell with a multimeter.I'm against that as a practice of professional. But better than nothing

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