1999 Mercury Cougar Steering Rack

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 212,000 MILES
I am trying to replace the steering rack in my cougar. What do I need to unhook to get the sub-frame to drop down so I can access it.
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Thursday, January 21st, 2010 AT 9:09 AM

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Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Center the steering wheel.
Lock in position, remove the ignition key.
Disconnect the steering column shaft from the flexible coupling.
Rotate the clamp plate to disengage.
CAUTION:When removing the floor seal do not damage the sealing clips.

Remove the floor seal from the bulkhead.
Release the retaining clips.
Disconnect the upper retaining clip.
Remove the floor seal.
Remove the steering column shaft flexible coupling.
Removing Steering Column Shaft Flexible Coupling
Remove the front wheel and tire.
Remove the radiator splash shield.
Disconnect the fluid cooler line.
Allow the fluid to drain into a suitable container.
Remove the two splash shields.
Detach the rear heated oxygen sensor wiring harness.
On vehicles with automatic transaxle, detach the rear support insulator.
On vehicles with manual transaxle, remove the rear support insulator center bolt.
On all Vehicles, remove the tie-rod end nuts.
Using the Ball Joint Separator(211-001), separate the tie-rod ends from the wheel knuckles
Lower the subframe to gain access to the steering gear tubes. Loosen the subframe front bolts two complete turns. Remove the subframe rear bolts.
Detach the high-pressure tube support bracket.
Detach the return tube support bracket.
CAUTION:Whenever the steering gear unions are disconnected the steering gear valve body ports should be plugged to prevent dirt ingress.

Disconnect the tube unions from the steering gear.
Disconnect the high-pressure tube union.
Disconnect the return tube union.
Allow the fluid to drain into a suitable container.
Remove the steering gear cover plate.
CAUTION:Make sure that the pressure check valve does not fall out of the valve body pressure port when the steering gear is being removed.
Removing Steering Gear
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