1985 Other Mercedes Benz Models dash exit AC temp not cool

Air Conditioning problem
1985 Other Mercedes Benz Models 6 cyl Automatic 51000 miles

My 300 CD has new ac compressor and dryer and the new freon, not R12. Mechanic says exit air temp is best he can do, but it takes 5 -6 miles driving to not have hot air and then the temp at the dash board air portals might be called cooler than the out side Arizona temp, but barely.

What air temp measured at the dashAC air portals should I expect?

Thank you.
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 AT 7:33 PM

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You did not tell us what kind of freon the mechanic installed? I will assume he installed 134-A, for the purposes of answering your question, I am not going to get into specifics because it will probably go in one ear and out the other if you don't have any knowledge how an AC system works, but I will tell you what I think, when your mechanic did all that work on your AC system, he may have overlooked a leak, because AC O-rings for R-12 are not compatible with 134-A, so too do the job right he should've changed every O-ring on the whole car, furthermore, if he did not properly service the AC he may have caused air to get in the system, failed to vacuum it down to 21hg, or did not put enough freon in it, at any rate, do not expect the 134-A to work like R-12, especially after a Re-profiling kit, cars that came from the factory with 134-A are designed totally different, and will never work the same as the car design with R-12, you should've installed freeze-12 which is compatible R-12 if you could still get your hands on some of it, like eBay, I recharge all of my older units with butane and propane, (which also helps my defensive driving because I have a bomb under the hood) I cannot tell you how to do it because I will probably get in trouble and I advise you not to try it, if you do not know the mixture you can be killed! And cost me about 2 (two) dollars to recharge my system and it works way better than R-12. So take your car back to your mechanic have them put the gauges on it and make sure it's up to pressure, but remember 134-A will never be like R-12, and because you live in Arizona there is a lot of sand in the air and your condenser may be plugged up with dirt, try going to the car wash and spray out your condenser and see if that helps.
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