1999 Mercedes Benz C280



July, 17, 2008 AT 2:12 PM

Electrical problem
1999 Mercedes Benz C280 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 74000 miles

This car runs great but at times it will just not start. It will not even turn over but the a/c and radio still runs. After several tries and a time span from 5 - 20 min. It starts up again. Had it at Benz dealer for week and they said they found short and fixed it. Drove it home from dealer and when I went to leave later it would not start. Started again after 9 tries. Took it back to Benz. It had a new battery but Benz is saying the battery had short in it. Can you explain how this would keep the car from starting but leave everything else working? Seems strange to me.



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July, 17, 2008 AT 3:05 PM

I agree, a short in the battery will usually kill everything and it wont be an intermittent problem. The battery may need replaced, but I would suspect a starter solinoid as your problem. It may not be easy on this car, but one way you can check this is next time it wount start have someone turn the key while you hit the starter in a solid place with a hammer. If after about three whacks the car cranks and fires up you need a starter.



January, 12, 2009 AT 7:53 PM

I am having the exact same problem with my 1999 c280. The local MB technicians don't have a clue as to the cause. Has anyone responded with a solution to this issue yet?

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