2000 Mercedes Benz C230



May, 31, 2008 AT 9:46 PM

Electrical problem
2000 Mercedes Benz C230 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 104000 miles

My car was sitting for a while and the battery went dead. We charged the battery and now the radio says " wait". I have the code to reset the radio but I cannot get it off the " wait" signal. I've tried unhooking the battery cables etc but I can't get the " enter code" signal. Any thoughts?



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June, 5, 2008 AT 3:33 PM

Here's what Alldata says: Switch on the radio, " CODE" will appear on the display. Using the buttons on the alpha-numeric keypad, enter the five digit code. Confirm by pressing the " OK" key.
If an incorrect code has been entered and confirmed, " CODE" will reappear on the display. The correct code must be entered once again. If an incorrect code is entered three times, " WAIT" will appear on the display and the radio will be locked out for about 10 minutes.

Are you sure you have the right code? If not, call Mercedes Factory Assistance (800)367-6372 and give them your VIN, they'll give you the right code.



August, 23, 2008 AT 10:12 AM

To make sure you have the correct radio code, you'd have to remove the radio to get the serial number. Most benz dealers will do this for free.

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