1999 Mercedes Benz C230 drivers seat stuck in recline posit

  • 1999 MERCEDES BENZ C230
Interior problem
1999 Mercedes Benz C230 4 cyl Automatic 113, 00 miles

Thank God I found this site. Hopefully, I will get some help! Driver seat is in lowest position of recline (lying completely flat down into back seat.) I looked on the MB World site - checked out fueses for both seats(left side is electric, right side passenger is manual) Followed instructions on MBWorld site and checked out relay switch in trunk. Was told to spray switches with elecrical contact cleaner and also to check plugs and wires under seat to see if any are corroded or worn. Unplugged red and black plugs under seat and prayed to clean - no response. Seat will slide forward, backward, up and down to adjust height, but the switch that controls backrest will not move the seat back upl I can hear the motor each time I press the button to move the seat backrest, so it is working - that is if hearing it running during this process of trying to move the seat back up means it is running? Unsure? Have looked under the seat and checked the wires as best I could. Can not access the seat from back due to seat reclined too far to see underside. I am a 54 year old woman and have been on disability for 14 years. It is difficult for me to get under the front seat to look under it. I did not see any wires cut but some of the cloth-like covering on the wires (red and plack plugs) is worn away and wires are exposed but not torn that I can see. Could the motor located under the seat be defective even though I can hear it running when I push the button and can feel it vibrating when I touch it while pressing the seat recline button on the car door. I was told on the previous site that it was probably the relay switch in the truck so I ordered one for $30. Included shipping, but it did not work. When preparing to send part back to partsbin. Com, I was then informed their would be a restocking fee and I had to pay to ship part back - I still have the relay switch # 002 542 22 19, because after I pay to ship it back, I will be out over half of what I paid originally. Found another switch in the trunk last night(guess it is a relay- it is smaller but has only 4 prongs and the number on it is A 002 542 1319- I have no idea what it is for. As you can see, I have tried all I know to do and found to do researching the web - My 88 yr. Old Mother gave me her car because she can no longer drive. My husband, who always did everything like this for me, was almost killed in an auto accident 4 yrs ago and is now unable to help me. He is bedridden and had severe head injuries, so he can't help me. Going to a dealer is out of the question for me financially. I buy my own synthetic oil and filter and have a garage change it for me. Being blonde and being a woman many times you get taken for being stupid - but I am not - really blessed to have a car to drive - and hope it will last me my lifetime- having to drive with no back support is the worst. Can you suggest what I can do? Hope I provided enough info about what I have checked. This has been over a month now, and I am about out of options.
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Hello. Thanks for the donation. Much appreciated

It sounds like the motor or tensioner have broken. Unfortunatley the only way to fully check this, is to remove the seat from the vehicle.

Removal & Installation (C Class)
Remove front seat. See FRONT SEAT. Disconnect headrest motor and backrest motor electrical connector. Detach wiring harness straps on seat cushion. Remove tensioning element on front seat backrest. Unhook right side of backrest cover. Unhook wiring harness mounting clips.
Remove backrest forward/backward motor. Press out wiring harness mounting clips. Remove headrest up/down motor screws. Remove headrest motor up/down drive shaft. Press out wiring harness mounting clips. Press out tabs at bottom of backrest cover. Unhook wiring harness from mounting clips. Remove headrest motor with wiring harness. To install, reverse removal procedure.

Removal & Installation (C Class)
Remove headrest from seat. Move seat forward. Pull cover off seat belt end fitting. Remove screws holding rear of seat rails to floor. Move seat rearward. Slide covers off front of seat rails. Remove screws holding front of seat rails to floor. Disconnect connector X55 from contacting strip at front of seat cushion frame. Lift and remove front seat. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten seat rail bolts to 37 ft. Lbs. (50 N.M). Tighten seat belt end fitting bolt to 26 ft. Lbs. (35 N.M).
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