2003 Mazda 6 How to replace front wheel berings.

  • 2003 MAZDA 6
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 70,000 MILES
I saw that you guys have available videos and instructions on how to do certain repairs. I recently went for my scheduled tire rotation, I was advised that my front left wheel needed the bering replaced. The guy shook the tire while in the lift and it was very loose. They want over $350.00 to change it. I have done it in a bicycle before, but not sure if is the same principle. I WAS WONDERING IF YOU GUYS HAD A VIDEO OR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REPAIR THIS. I SEE THE BERING IS ROUGHLY $60.00 My last question is, in reparing the wheel bering, does the break caliper have to come off? If so, I will also take the oportunity to change my break pads.
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This certainly is no bicycle, but I will post instructions and let you decide if you want to do the job.

Yes, calipers must be removed. Below are instructions for removal of your wheel bearings.

Remove or disconnect the following:
ABS sensor
Halfshaft axle nut, unstake the nut prior to removal.
Brake caliper and rotor
Tie rod end from the knuckle
Damper fork-to-control arm bolt
Front lower control arm ball joints
Front upper arm ball joint
Wheel hub dust cover
Hub bolts and the hub
Hub using a press and Mazda tools 49 F026 10, 49 G033 102 and 49 G033 105. If the bearing inner race remains in the hub, grind a section of the bearing inner race until 0.02 inch (0.5mm) remains and use a chisel to remove it.
Snap ring
Bearing from the hub using a press and the tools illustrated
Brake dust shield, if it is being replaced. Mark the cover and knuckle for replacement purposes and use a chisel to remove the shield.
Clean and inspect all parts but do not wash or clean the wheel bearing. The bearing must be replaced.

((Exploded view of the front wheel bearing and knuckle assembly" Mazda6))


((Use a press to remove the hub" Mazda6 ))


((Use a press to remove the wheel bearing" Mazda6))


Using the tools illustrated, install a new dust shield cover assembly to the knuckle, if removed.
Using the tools illustrated, press a new wheel bearing into the knuckle assembly and install the snap ring.
Install or connect the following:
Wheel bearing retaining ring
Using the tools illustrated, press in the hub assembly.
Wheel hub dust cover
Front upper arm ball joint and tighten the nut to 29-39 ft. lbs. (39-53 Nm)
Front lower arm ball joints and tighten the nuts to 122-147 ft. lbs. (166-200 Nm)
Damper fork bolt and tighten to 68-93 ft. lbs. (93-126 Nm)
Tie rod end to the knuckle and tighten the nut to 29-39 ft. lbs. (39-53 Nm) and install a new cotter pin
Brake caliper and rotor
Halfshaft axle nut, tighten the nut to 173-202 ft. lbs. (235-274 Nm) and stake the nut

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