Air in radiator

Engine Cooling problem V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 206000 miles

How do I get the air out of the cooling system is there some bleed off valves and where are they located.
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Thursday, October 15th, 2009 AT 12:25 PM

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There is not bleeder valves on this model, here is a guide that will help you get the job done.



Here is what the manual says.


CAUTION: Engine coolant provides freeze protection, boil protection, cooling efficiency and corrosion protection to the engine and cooling components. In order to obtain these protections, the engine coolant must be maintained at the proper concentration and fluid level in the degas bottle.

When adding engine coolant, use a 60/40 mixture of clean drinkable water and engine coolant.
To maintain the integrity of the coolant and the cooling system:
Add Premium Engine Coolant E2FZ-19549-AA (CXC-8-B in Canada, F5F-19549-CC in Oregon) or an equivalent meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A.
Do not add orange-colored EXTENDED LIFE COOLANT such as F6AZ-19544-A or equivalent, meeting Ford specification WSS-M97B44-D. Mixing coolants may degrade the coolant's corrosion protection.
Do not add alcohol or methanol or any engine coolants mixed with alcohol or methanol antifreeze. These can cause engine damage from overheating or freezing.
Do not mix with recycled coolant unless it meets the requirements of Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A. Not all coolant recycling processes meet this specification; use of such a coolant may harm the engine and cooling system components.
Add the correct engine coolant mixture to the degas bottle until the coolant level is between the "COOLANT FILL LEVEL" marks.
Select the maximum heater temperature and blower motor speed settings. Position the control to discharge air at the A/C vents in the instrument panel.
Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature
CAUTION: If air discharge remains cool and the engine coolant temperature gauge does not move, the engine coolant level is low in the engine and must be filled. Stop the engine, allow it to cool and fill the cooling system.
Add the correct engine coolant mixture to the degas bottle until the coolant level is between the "COOLANT FILL LEVEL" marks.
Turn off the engine and allow the cooling system to cool.
Repeat Steps I through 5 until the degas bottle level is OK.
Start the engine and allow to idle. While the engine is idling, feel for hot air at the A/C vents.

Please let us know what happens.

Cheers, Ken

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