1999 Lincoln Town Car



November, 5, 2009 AT 12:58 PM

1999 Lincoln Town Car Automatic 178000 miles

I've had my windshield re-sealed 3 times. A few days ago I had the heater vent [or heater something] on the passenger side sealed with the same stuff the guy had used to seal the windshield.

Stormy today and it still leaks.

I saw rivulets coming down from the area on the passenger side where there are what looks like wires and a light[?]. I have the passenger side rug pulled up.

Any ideas on how to fix the leaks?

I'd have to take it to a shop but I would like to talk to the repair guy with some knowledge of what actually may be leaking and how it may be fixed.


ps: I live in a rain forest, for real.


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November, 5, 2009 AT 3:30 PM

You did right thing to pull the passenger side rug up.
You are close to find where the leak is coming from.
The next thing to do is to remove the glove compartement on the passenger side.
Pull the passenger seat back.
You will need to get your head down where the passenger feet rest and look up
you can use a good flash light if you can't see.
Open the hood and similate the rain.
Have someone pour lot of water on the windshield,
be patient, and wait untill you see som drop of water
look at where the wire harness enter the bulkead from the hood to the computer down on the assenger side.
Let me know



November, 10, 2009 AT 1:26 PM

This problem probably results from a clogged drain out-let. Look under the hood as close to the passenger side window and fender as possible. You shoud see the heater air intake. Following from that area, there is a black rubber housing with a flap that is suppose to open when rain water accumulates in the area. Open the flap and remove the accumulation of leaves, etc. Clean leaves from the entire area.

Hopefully this will work for you.

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