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September, 28, 2007 AT 11:15 PM

Own a 1999 Lincoln Town Car 4.3 liter. Bought the vehicle at local Lincoln Dealership same year made.
Have 105,000 miiles on the car with no oil leaks, no a/c problems etc.

Went out yesterday to find that the complete rear of vehicle was lower than the front. AIR SUSPENSION light was activated above odometer.

Opened trunk and turned off air suspension. Waited for a while to let it reset. Turned the air suspension back on then turned on the key without starting vehicle and waited. Did not hear the familiar humming sound heard in past when vehicle was leveling back to front.

Today rear of auto is still lower than front and did not hear the compressor activate at all. Any advice would be appreciated as do not like the Lincoln dealership service repair as did not do very good job of even repairing small items while vehicle was under warranty.

Thank you in advance for your response.

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September, 29, 2007 AT 5:40 AM

Unfortunatly if you try the fuse and it isn't blown, your stuck! The light is on because the System has stored a trouble code(s)! If you want to avoid the dealer, you will have to find a shop that can read the codes! The other thing to check is, on the rear axle their is an adjustment arm that control ride hieght, see if it came off! The trouble with Linc, is the tubing between the compressor and the air springs chafes on the steel parts of the car, and over time can wear a hole in the line! Then the compressor will run till it burns out.



September, 29, 2007 AT 11:35 PM

Wanted to Thank merlin2021 for his courtesy in answering my query. I did check the fuse before read his post. Fuse was blown. Replaced fuse, un-hooked battery, then reset the air suspension switch in trunk. Unfortunately the car has not leveled out. I do not remember hearing the compressor running but looks like will have to go to shop.

Thanks again merlin2021. I would give this person a 10! It is good to be an American when someone who doesn't know you will reach out and try to help.

Thanks again for your time and information.



November, 8, 2007 AT 5:52 PM

Hey, I bought a 2000 Lincoln Town Car from a dealership about 2months ago and 3 weeks ago my car stopped leveling out. The rear is sitting on my tires, and my car is so low to the ground that the gas tank and stuff gets banged up if I drive it so I haven't driven my car in 3 weeks. I am a college student and I really need to know how much I am looking at in order to fix it. I need my car. Seems like we have a similar problem. DID YOU GET YOUR '99 FIXED, IF SO HOW MUCH DID IT COST?



November, 8, 2007 AT 10:26 PM

Yes I ordered my parts from American Air Suspension.
It is located at americanairsuspension. Com. My LTC had a bad compressor, and after buying the compressor for $180.00 with extra dryer from above stated place the car did air up to reg. Height. I did wait a few days to see if the car was going to start going down and found out the air shocks were leaking. Ordered the new Arnnot air shocks and remanufatured solenoids from American for $245.00. Out I guess $425.00. If you take it to the Lincoln dealership they will start out at $1200.00 on up. There are instructions on most of the material on lincolnsonline. Com for the air suspension system. You could have a bad height sensor located on the air shock. If it were me I would make sure I had the driver door closed with the a/c, radio, etc. Off and turn on the key to the spot just before start. If the compressor is working you will hear it come on as soon as you turn on the key and it will run for almost a minute. If the compressor is running you may have a height adjustment missing on the air shock. That is the easy fix. If you don't hear the compressor running, check the 30 amp fuse on the driver side under hood, really need the vehicle instruction manual that should have come with the vehicle. On my car it is the last fuse closest to the firewall marked 30. If you find you have a bad compressor you might as well go ahead and order the whole system as I did and get some of your firends at college to help you. You will need two jack stands and preferrably two hydraulic car jacks. Good luck in you finding the prob. If I can be of anymore help give me a shout.



November, 8, 2007 AT 10:44 PM

I forgot to tell you if you go to lincolnsonline. Com you have to click on the tech at the top of page and it covers many probs with LTCS. There is even a pictured sequence of how to repair the air suspension system. My compressor as yours will be under the air filter in front of fender welll. You just have to undo the air filter intake, take out the sensor with a left twist and it should slip out of the way so you can snap or unscrew two rubber screws that hold the plastic flap over the compressor. If your fuse is blown and you replace it, the a/c will get very hot quickly if you turn on key with door closed, it is gone so need to turn off switch in trunk or unplug fuse. You will know for sure then that a/c is gone.



December, 6, 2007 AT 10:11 PM

Got all the parts from american air suspension. My son and I replaced the arnnot air shocks and rebuilt solenoids in about an hour and half.
Thanks to everyone that answered my questions I saved around $800.00 and now have a happy wife.



May, 15, 2009 AT 10:14 AM

I had a problem that I ended up solving myself, but this is an appropriate place to mention it. I just got new tires on my '98 towncar, and they forgot to turn off the switch. I didn't even think about it b/c it had been awhile since I'd had the thing off the ground (plus they should have known). Well, anyway, when they were finished the car sat on the ground and although the air pump would run a little, the car remained at rock bottom. I ended up having them jack the car up to a respectable height in the back (matching the front), and then removing the battery cable to reset the computer. We let the car run for a minute at this height, then lowered it slowly, and about 60% of the height came back. It was back to normal after another 5 minutes driving.


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