1985 Lincoln Town Car Heater Core Advice

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Heater problem
1985 Lincoln Town Car V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

I have consulted my Haynes manual and several mechanics, as well as a numerous online sites. It appears that the combination of symptoms including the anti-freeze fog pouring out of my vents and the defroster's performance steadily getting worse are all indicators that my heater core has gone bad.

The part is cheap (less than $50), but for labor/installation I'm being quoted $300 to $600. Although I take care of my car, as old as it is, it's hardly worth that kind of money for a repair.

Now I'm looking at replacing the part myself, which involves the scary task of removing the dash. If anyone has any advice before I start on this project, it would be greatly appreciated.

I know I need to disconnect the negative battery terminal and drain the coolant.



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Friday, February 1st, 2008 AT 1:50 PM

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I replaced a heater core in my 1989 Town Car. It took two weeks. I worked on it everyday after work till sometimes 11 at night. I didnt drain my coolant. You only lose a small amount when you disconnect the heater lines at the core inlet at the r/s firewall. I would recommend labeling every nut and bolt and placing them in ziplock bags. Once you have the dash out to the firewall I would be very careful when you are taking the black heater box out. It has all you control doors to your functions - i.E. Floor, vent, defrost ect. I broke a door in the box and had to get a replaced from a salvage yard. These cars are to great and classy to just give em up. My email is tmssh@yahoo. Com if you have any questions just ask. My 89 currently puts out constant heat in the interior cabin even when the functions is on the coldest setting and everythings off. Has this ever happend to yours and do you know what it could be.

Good Luck.

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Friday, March 14th, 2008 AT 8:21 PM

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