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April, 18, 2013 AT 6:41 PM

The left front wheel bearing in the car is bad and I would like to replace it myself. I would appreciate getting detailed instructions for doing this job. I believe I have all the necessary tools and experience to do this work, just not used to working on foreign cars (Hondas, etc.). Could someone Please respond with the instructions or a link to a detailed video? Thank You very much in advance for your help with this problem. Charlie
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Front Wheel Bearing


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April, 18, 2013 AT 8:36 PM

You really need a press to remove the bearing. I am giving you one video that uses a press which I recommend. The only part it does not show is removing the steering knuckle. You simply can loosen the nuts at each suspension point that holds the knucle and then loosen it until you have it on just enough that you will hit the nut with a hammer but not touch the threads. To put it back together you should go to and Auto Zone or Advance Auto and get a ball joint install tool kit which they loan out for free.
Below is the link for removing the bearing by press,


There is a tool you can get to pull the bearing off which you can find via internet search as several companies offer them. However this video uses aHarbor Freight tool which is the best price you will find. You can either find a store near you or order the tool online. The following is a video using the Harbor Freight tool, It is for a BMW but the technique is about the same. It also shows the ball joint and suspension component tool kit that I mentioned. So, I thought it would be helpful as it covers removing the steering knuckle which is not very different from the Honda.




April, 19, 2013 AT 3:23 AM

You may also replace the entire hub assembly. The link below is instructions on how to do this.


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