1989 Range Rover removal heater core

Heater problem
1989 Range Rover V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

i have antifreeze on my carpet passenger side.
figured heater core problem.
do not know how to remove it.
thanks for an answer.
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have the same problem?
Monday, January 11th, 2010 AT 12:42 PM

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Disconnect battery negative lead. Drain cooling system. Disconnect water inlet hose from heater. Disconnect water outlet hose from heater. Working inside vehicle withdraw lower dash and remove screws securing lower edge of center console.
Remove six screws securing lower edge of louvre panel to console and evaporator case. Remove heater control panel and knobs from center console. Remove center console. Carefully pry out four air vents. See Fig. 16.
Remove screws securing evaporator plenum and louvre panel to dash top panel. Withdraw thermostat sensor from fins of evaporator, and pull sensor pipe clear of evaporator assembly. Disconnect electrical connectors at rear of exterior driving mirror control switches and clock, and withdraw panel clear of dash.
Remove screws securing lower right mounting bracket. Support evaporator case and remove two nuts securing case and reinforcing strip to upper mounting bracket. See Fig. 17. Remove cover bracket and carefully lower evaporator assembly to floor of vehicle. Disconnect six hoses from heater unit. See Fig. 18. Disconnect electrical leads from heater unit at multiplug. Remove four heater mounting bolts. Remove heater unit.

Remove heater assembly. See Fig. 24. Remove left duct to footwell outlet. Mark position of vent control rod, for reassembly. Disconnect by carefully prying open plastic clip. Remove ten spring clips, three circlips and two screws that secure halves of heater casing together.
Ensure all fixings and foam gaskets are removed. Remove pad from around two coolant hose connections. Position flap (A) as shown. See Fig. 25. Pry and slide its lower edge through gap between motor housing and outer case. While separating each half of heater casing.
Note for reassembly location of air flap 15 pivots. Slide out separate panel. Remove heater core complete with sponge packing.
Fit heater core into left half of casing. Slide in separate panel up to coolant hose connections. Mark a white spot on end of each air flap pivot to be reassembled into heater casing. See Fig. 24.
Offer heater casing halves together. Ensure flap (A) is positioned to reverse instruction 2. See Fig. 25. Point remaining air flap pivots in direction of their location. Locate and slot into left casing heater control panel assembly. Examine closely to ensure that both fixings engage and slide into their housing.
Slowly and firmly push casing halves together checking that all components are aligning. Any solid resistance felt suggests a component is not locating correctly. Rectify and continue until casing halves are together. Install all of fixings that hold heater casing halves together. Connect rod to vent control lever to its marked position. Check all controls operate and air flaps seal against heater casing. Replace pad around two coolant hose connections. Install left duct to footwell outlet. Replace foam gaskets. Install heater assembly.
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