1999 Kia Sephia

  • 1999 KIA SEPHIA
Transmission problem
1999 Kia Sephia 4 cyl Automatic

i hooked up my car to the diagnostic machine and it says shift a, b, and c solinoids? Where are they located? Also the torque convertor? The car is alco blowing out white smoke when the car has sat for a few minutes, whether it has been on or off. It will be alot of smoke then will ease off. I put that hose ontop of the engine. Is it just cleaning out? The car isnt starting agin though I think it maybe the starter and im not sure how to test for thatbecause it is under the intake manifold. Sorry so many questions but yolu have helped me before when noone else can. Thank you in advance. AGAIN!
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Torque concertor is bolted to the flywheel inside transmission housing

Remove oil filter and "O" ring. Remove oil pipe from lower valve body. Remove 1-2 shift solenoid and TCC solenoid with "O" rings. Remove 2-3 shift solenoid and 3-4 shift solenoid with "O" rings. See Fig. 34


Unbolt and remove upper control valve body. Remove screw retaining upper separator plate and gaskets to upper control valve body. Remove upper gasket, separator plate, filter, main upper gasket and oil strainer from upper control valve body.Unbolt and remove main control valve body from premain valve body. Remove 2 screws retaining main separator plate and gaskets to main control valve body. Remove rubber check balls, gaskets and separator plate from main control valve body. See Remove rubber and steel check balls and oil strainer(s) from topside of premain control valve body. See Remove premain lower gasket, lower separator plate and lower control valve body gasket. Remove filter from lower separator plate and oil strainer from lower control valve body.

Have a compression test to check for headgasket failure !

If starter does not operate, check voltage at starter solenoid "S" terminal with ignition switch in START position, transmission in Park or Neutral (A/T) or clutch depressed (M/T). If battery voltage is present, replace starter. If battery voltage is not present, check ignition switch, transmission range switch (A/T), clutch pedal position switch (M/T) and wiring.
If starter motor runs and engine does not crank, remove starter for visual inspection and testing. Inspect flywheel and ring gear for damaged or missing teeth.


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