1993 Jeep Cherokee car does not start

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 143,299 MILES
Unfortunetly my jeep will not start. The car read see battery. Now it does not start. I gave it a jump and it makes a noise as if it wants to start then it makes a clickiung noise. The security light goes on and the front lights start blingking at the same time as it is makeing this clicking noise. Can tihis be the alternator. My last issues was the alternator the alarm was not connected right. Please advise on situation.
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Monday, September 7th, 2009 AT 10:20 PM

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I want to help you. I do not understand the sentence "the car read see battery. When you jump it you hear a clicking noise. The alternator will not keep your starter motor from working. The alternator is simply to replenish the battery while the vehicle is running. The alarm system may or may not be involved with the battery not working but the alarm system usually keeps the engine from starting because it won't allow fuel or spark to occur, but I don, t know how your alarm works when it is operating normally. You must disconnect the alarm system to eliminate it as a possible problem source. I have seen factory alarms cause no start up problems but I do not remember the alarm system keeping the starter from getting enough currant to start a vehicle, unless you simply don't hear anything. The clicking means a relay or starter solenoid is clicking. If you have tested and are positive the batt. Is good installa remote starter switch from the battery positive to the small syarter terminal if it still just clicks then the starter solenoid or relay could be bad. If could also be the battery terminal ends or inside the battery cables. If you have a factory alarm you must have it serviced by the dealer. His diag. Box will turn off the alarm so the system can be checked. Also the remote alarm key fob must have a good battery to shut it off. If not a factory alarm it must be disabled before further testing the starting system. Tomorrow I'll see how the factory alarm is wired on your jeep and e-mail you how you should proceed, If I can. Ok, remember that bad cables are a big problem with older cars not cranking over, alarm or not.
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