90 Isuzu Trooper bad noise, then wouldn't start

  • 1990 ISUZU
My husband's Trooper has been an excellent car, but recently it has had a kind of grinding noise when running that was getting louder and definitely didn't sound good. Yesterday, he went to start it and it wouldn't start. The starter sounds like its trying, but isn't turning the engine, and there is plenty of power.

The Trooper has 6 cyl and about 125000 miles I believe. There is some dispute over the mileage tho. We bought used and the dealer selling it quoted it as having 135000 miles on it, but after we bought it we saw the odometer only said 35000, so I guess the dealer assumed that 1st # had to be a one since it was so old, so maybe we got a deal. Its never had any major mechanical problems in the 5+ years he's had it, not even a starter or alternator.

It is a manual drive of course, seems to be starter-related, something is no longer engaging. Both my husband and I are mechanically-inclined, but this has us put off a bit. Please help, sharing a car isn't fun! :( Thanks!
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007 AT 1:10 AM

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Try pulling the serpentine belt off and checking for a seizing component, like water pump or alternator. Sometimes you will see either dark dust or shiny speckles around a bad component.

You can try to turn the crankpulley with a breakerbar if no pulley is seized.
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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007 AT 5:54 AM

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