I have a no start, no crank problem with my 92 Acclaim.

  • 67,000 MILES
I bought this car used 2 weeks ago, the person who sold it to me had it for sale sitting for a year in the half. I drove it back to my garage, changed all the fluids and everything. Started the car like 8 times until it stopped cranking. When I turn the key to start, there is a click coming from the starter relay and when I release the key from start to on it clicks once more. I replaced the starter cause I thought that initially was the problem. Got the battery load tested, it was good, charged the battery too. There are two wires that go to the starter solenoid, Red wire (always hot) and the S terminal brown wire which is only hot when trying to crank. I light tested the red wire and it was bright and looked great. However when I test light the S terminal wire, the light was a dim light when I turned the key to see if its getting proper voltage. I never seen a test light test shine "dim". Checked all terminals and ground to make sure free of corrosion. In addition, I can start the car by taking a flat head by touching the solenoids red wire nut to the S terminal and it starts right away! So im stuck and have no idea what to do. Im getting extremely inpatient however im keeping cool. Please help
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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 AT 4:54 PM

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First of all, great job. You checked about everything I would have told you to. However, have you check the starter relay? Try switching it with another one that has the same part number and see if that helps. Also, check the voltage to the relay if the new relay doesn't work.
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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 AT 8:41 PM

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