1993 Honda Del Sol



March, 5, 2008 AT 12:20 AM

Brakes problem
1993 Honda Del Sol 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 110000 miles

I've been using one shop for a while, but recently I feel like they are charging too much.

Today I needed front and rear disk brake repair. The pads were thin enough to make noises, so for sure they needed replaced. He said I needed front and rear rotors too.

I also had the oil and air filter changed.

Charges were: Front Rotor: 138; Front Pads: 98; Rear Rotor: 178; Rear Pads: 81 plus oil and air filter, total parts = 544. Total Labor: 429. Total Repair: $1023.

Is that not too much, or is that really how much it costs for a 93 Honda Del Sol in Oakland CA?


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March, 5, 2008 AT 7:48 AM

The rotor prices are pretty decent of a price.

The pads on the other had you can get both front pad sets for 50 bucks unless you go with the top of the line ones for 90 bucks.

Same for the back ones only the rotors could be a bit cheaper.

How many hours of labor did they charge you for?



March, 6, 2008 AT 9:38 AM

The bill does not list a total number of hours for the repair, just a flat fee of $200 plus parts for each side (front/rear) for a total of $400.

I don't mind a flat fee for the repair service. I also don't mind the shop purchasing parts at wholesale and charging me retail. He has to pay his bills and raise a family just like I do, so I don't want to be cheap.

However, $1022 to replace 4 sets of pads and rotors is a lot more than I expected, and I don't want to get ripped off. What is your assessment of the total price?

I called one other shop and asked for a price to replace pads and rotors on front side only and they said $277, which is more in line with my expectation. I'm calling another shop today. I should have done this to begin with, but the shop I use is convenient to me and I've been using them for several years. I just get the feeling they are taking advantage of that relationship.

Of course the repair is already done, so there is not much I can do this time, but want to be better prepared next time.

P.S. Thanks for your prompt reply, I had no problems making a donation.



March, 6, 2008 AT 9:12 PM

Yes I belive you were over charged, they should not have charged over 700 dollars for the whole thing NO MORE then that.

Some people will take advantage over relationships, I wouldnt go back to them, sorry you got ripped off, just warn people.

Thank you very much for the donation.

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