Honda Civic



October, 10, 2006 AT 9:00 PM

I drive a 1997 Civic hatchback dx 5spd with 135,000. Every morning when I start my car a lot of white smoke comes out my exhaust, but stops when the car is warm up. But sometime when driving I gas on the pedal, I can still see some white smoke from the rear view mirror. Is this normal? Or Is there any problems with my engine? How can I fixed this?


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Bruce Hunt

October, 11, 2006 AT 1:26 PM

Well white smoke especially in the morning could be nothing more than dew or condensation in the engine and exhaust. If the coolant level drops you will probably find it related to the white smoke. The head could be warped and then head gasket failing. Taking in the head and having it plained (sp) will do wonders. At the times that the white smoke is obvious and the car is warm, I would assume the engine is a little erratic in its running.

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