1996 Honda Civic



July, 30, 2007 AT 6:53 AM


My car was under water up to half the windscreen after the last flood in my area. A local mechanic worked on it to the point where it was drivable again. However, 1 month after that, the car suddenly shut off while I was driving and wouldn't start. I took it back to him and he said he replaced the electrical coil springs and worked on/changed the electrical ignition switch.

It worked for another month and shut off on me after about 45 minutes of highway driving. This is what happened - I made a brief stop to pay toll and I felt the car shuddering a little. I went back on the highway and was going over the George Washington Bridge in NY (extremely busy) when I noticed the car slowly moving. When I pressed the gas, the engine only revved but the car didn't go any faster. Because it was kind of a downhill, the car was able to go as far as to the bridge's exit and that is where it stopped and I noticed the " check transmission" light on. The car could still start but when I pressed the gas, it only revved and never moved.

After sitting on the highway for about 45 mins, the cops were able to get a tow truck to give it a push and somehow the car was able to pretty much drive to the next exit about 1/2 mile by itself so I am thinking that the car may have been overheated.I spoke to a local mechanic in the Bronx right at the exit that I came off and he told me that the transmission needs to be rebuilt. However, I am thinking that given the circumstances of the car's damage, this is more of an electrical problem. Please advise. Thanks!


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July, 30, 2007 AT 11:44 AM

If the trans was contaminated with water, it could have internal damage, but that does sound like an electrical problem. Have the PCM scanned to see if it stored any codes related to the trans. Could be a bad solenoid


Bruce Hunt

July, 30, 2007 AT 12:54 PM

Another thing to check is the tranny fluid level.

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