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December, 16, 2006 AT 12:09 PM

I have a 96 honda civic lx with 215,000 miles, maual trannsmission, this morning as I went to turn on the car I noticed my clutch pedal was too soft, I had little pressure. So I drove off and that afternoon I checked the clutch master cylinder and it was empty, it had no fluid, so I added some assuming that was the problem. I got some pressure went back to work and about 4 hours later, my pedal felt too soft again. It seems like I wont get any pressure until 15 minutes after driving the car(My job is 15min away so everytime I arrive and park, the pedal feels normal again). What can be the problem?


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Bruce Hunt

December, 16, 2006 AT 11:59 PM

Check the master cylinder and see if there is a leak at the cylinder. Then follow the line down to the tranny till you see the slave cylinder on the tranny housing. As you follow the line check for leaks. Somewhere there is a leak. The leak is more than likely the master or slave. The slave could be leaking into the tranny as well. Put it on a clean piece of cardboard under the car and see if the leak can be found. Good luck!



December, 17, 2006 AT 5:47 PM

Yup clearly theres a leak somewhere. Master/slave cylinders are reletively cheap.

Check around the slave cylinder on the front of the transmission. Hondas use external slaves, fluid in the bell housing should not be an issue.

Also check on the firewall under the master, on both sides (IE engine bay side and where the pedal is) for leaks.

In the mean time the soft pedal is most likely because youve introduced air into the system. Bleeding it may temporarily fix the soft pedal. Otherwise its due to the fluid leaking past the piston seals on either cylinder. Its possible it firms up because its the slave cylinder and when it gets hot from the tranny/engine it seals up.

Check it first I guess

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