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December, 8, 2008 AT 6:10 PM

Interior problem
2003 Honda Accord 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

My 4-doors all work well except when I want to get out of the driver's seat. The inside door lever is not connected to the latch. The cable pulled out of its end. I have a new cable and have removed the door panel. How can I get at the latch inside the back of the door to complete the replacement of the old cable with my new one?

Thanks in advance, KIOhio.


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December, 8, 2008 AT 7:59 PM

DOORS (EXCEPT HYBRID) -2003 Honda Accord

Special Tools Required

KTC trim tool set SOJATP2014
Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available

NOTE: Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when prying components.
1.Lower the glass fully. 2.Using a trim tool, pry out on the rear portion of the cover (A) to release the hooks (B, C), then remove the cover and the screws securing the inner handle (D).
Fig. 13: Removing Cover And Screws Securing Inner Handle
3.Remove the power window switch panel (A).
-1 Pry up on the rear edge of the switch panel with a trim tool to release the rear clip.
-2 Pull out along the edge of the panel to release the hooks (B) and front clip.
-3 Disconnect the power mirror switch connector (C) (driver's) and the power window switch connector (D).
4.Remove the screw from under the pull pocket cap (A).

5.Remove the mirror mount cover (see step 2 on POWER MIRROR/MANUAL MIRROR REPLACEMENT ). 6.Remove the door panel (A) with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it.
-1 Start at the bottom edge of the door panel, release the clips that are just above the marks (B) on the edge of the panel with a commercially available trim pad remover.
-2 Detach the upper clips.
-3 Starting at the rear, pull the door panel upward and over the lock knob (C).
NOTE: The inner handle cable (D) and the courtesy light bulb socket (E) are connected to the door panel. Do not pull the door panel

up too far, or the inner handle cable will be damaged.

7.While holding the door panel (A) away from the door, disconnect the inner handle cable (B), and if equipped, courtesy light bulb socket (C), and detach the harness clip (D), then remove the panel. If necessary, remove the inner handle (E) by releasing the hooks (F, G).
8.If necessary, remove the door glass inner weather strip (A) from the door panel (B) by pulling it down.

9.Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
? Check the clips for damage or stress-whitening, and replace them with new ones.
? Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the cable and the bulb socket are connected properly.
? If equipped, make sure the window and power door lock operate properly.
? Do the power window control unit reset procedure (see RESETTING THE POWER WINDOW CONTROL UNIT ).
? When reinstalling the door panel, make sure the plastic cover is installed properly and sealed around its outside perimeter to seal out water.
? Check for water leaks.



December, 9, 2008 AT 1:38 AM

I clearly explained that I had already removed the door panel. My question was on the removal of the latch down inside the back edge of the door so that I could install the cable from the lever so that I could open the door from inside the car. The non-answer offered was a detailed account of the panel removal. What I need would be between steps 8 and 9. If you don't know how to get at the latch just admit it.

Sorry for the bother, I would be happy to pay if I could get the information that I need.




December, 9, 2008 AT 6:14 AM

The last picture its clearly shows how its is connected to the latch
in the 1st post

A simple THANK YOU
would been just find
I DO NOT recall asking you or demanding any money for the any information I provided or willing to provide
simply trying to help

any how this is what I have on removing the latch
1.Raise the glass fully.
2.Remove these items:
? Plastic cover, as necessary (see Front Door )
? Center lower channel (see 3 )
3.Disconnect the cylinder rod from the lock cylinder, and disconnect the outer handle rod from the outer handle (see 4 ).
4.Remove the screw securing the lock knob (A).
5.Disconnect the actuator connectors (A) (for some models), and detach the inner handle cable clip (B). Remove the screws (C, D) securing the latch (E) and the lock cable protector.
6.Release the hooks (A) of the lock cable protector (B) from the door, then remove the latch (C) with the protector through the hole in the door. Take care not to bend the outer handle rod (D), cylinder rod (E), lock cable (F), and inner handle cable (G).
7.Remove the lock cable protector (A) from the latch protector (B) by releasing the hook (C).
8.Install the latch in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
? If equipped, make sure the actuator connectors are plugged in properly and each rod is connected securely.
? Make sure the door locks and opens properly.

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