2002 Honda Accord regulator for drivers side window

Interior problem
2002 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I need help replacing the regulator for a 02 honda accord, drivers side. I have removed the door panel, and purchased a motor and regulator as it was 60 bucks new. I thought it a very good deal, maybe a mistake. Anyways, I am anxious about whether I need to remove the metal door panel as well as the door panel from inside. Also, can I reach the motor without removing the metal door panel. HELP. Thanks so much,
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This procedure requires the use of Trim Pad Remover, Snap-on A 177, or equivalent, commercially available trim pad removal tool.

Remove the mirror mount cover, as follows:

Lower the door glass fully.
Carefully pry out the mirror mount cover by hand.

Remove the inner handle, being careful not to scratch the door panel, as follows:

Pry out the cap, and remove the screw.
Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way.
Disconnect the inner handle rod and power door lock switch connector.

Remove the screw, and release the clips that hold the door panel with a commercially available trim pad remover, then remove the door panel by pulling it upward. Disconnect the power window switch connectors, and the power mirror switch connector(driver's side), security indicator connector (driver's side for some models), and courtesy light bulb socket. Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it.
Remove the plastic cover.
Carefully lower the glass until you can see the bolts, then loosen them. Slide the guide to the rear, then remove the glass from the guide, and lift it out through the window slot. Take care not to drop the glass inside the door.
Disconnect and detach the connector and harness clip from the door. Scribe a line around the rear roller guide bolt to show the original adjustment. Remove the bolts and loosen the bolts, then remove the regulator through the hole in the door.
Scribe a line across the regulator and sector gear.
Using a Torx T20 bit, remove the screws, then separate the power window motor and regulator.


Grease the moving portions of the regulator.
Install the glass and regulator in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

Roll the glass up and down to see if it moves freely without binding.
Make sure that there is no clearance between the glass and glass run channel when the glass is closed.
Adjust the position of the glass as necessary.

Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal; make sure the connectors and the courtesy light bulb socket are plugged in properly, and the inner handle rod is connected properly.
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