1997 Honda Accord



November, 7, 2008 AT 9:00 AM

Interior problem
1997 Honda Accord 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I'm having trouble removing the door panel. I have taken out the two screws and popped the plastic buttons down the sides of the door and along the bottom, but I still can't free the door panel from the door. Can you please help me.


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November, 8, 2008 AT 1:04 AM


The info you requested. In the future please ensure you provide the specifics on the engine size in Liters and the 8th digit of the VIN

1m Door Panel/Plastic Cover Replacement

Remove the mirror mount cover panel NOTE : Take care not to scratch the door panel and other parts.

If applicable, remove the regulator handle by pulling the clip out with a wire hook.

NOTE: Install the regulator handle so it points forward and up at a 45 degree angle with the glass closed.

Pry out the cap and remove the screw.

Pull the inner handle forward and out half-way, and disconnect the inner handle rod and power door lock connector.

Remove the armrest screw.

Release the clips that hold the door panel. Remove the door panel by pulling it upward. NOTE : Remove the door panel with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it.

Disconnect the following:
Power window connectors
Power mirror connector (driver's)
Courtesy light connector

Remove the bracket and power door lock control unit, and disconnect the connectors.

Detach the grommets and harness clips, then carefully remove the plastic cover.

Before installing the plastic cover, make sure the door harness and connectors are fastened correctly on the door.

Install the plastic cover and all removed parts. NOTE ;
Apply adhesive along the edge where necessary to maintain a continuous seal and prevent water leaks.
Do not plug the elongated holes.
Sedan; To prevent contamination, cover the hole at location A with adhesive tape.
Install the door panel. NOTE:
Make sure the door harness is not pinched.
If necessary, replace any damaged clips.
Make sure the connectors are connected properly.
Install) the armrest pocket (sedan/wagon, passenger's) and inner handle. NOTE : Make sure the connector is connected properly.
If applicable, install the regulator handle. See: Front Door Handle Service and Repair
Install the mirror mount cover panel.

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