1993 Honda Accord



February, 27, 2006 AT 10:31 PM

I need the best advice on replacing a timing belt on a '93 Honda Accord Ex, automatic. Mine has went out and i've been told its going to cost $500 to get it fixed at a shop. Is it a very tasky job? Could you please give me some explanation on the task as to how to do it. I have purchased a manual but I need some in depth info. Any suggestions or explantions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! : D


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February, 28, 2006 AT 2:58 PM

Replacing the timing belt on your honda is a tedious job at best. Not something I would recommend to someone with little or no experience at all, with this sort of maintenance. You will have to have a multitude of hand tools and probably air tools too, in order to complete this task. Not to mention a GREAT DEAL of patience. Hope you don't mind gettin your hands dirty and skinned up. Lol



March, 1, 2006 AT 11:14 AM

Do not go to dealearships to do this job. Find decent mecanic with lowest $ rate. It ll save you have of price you mentioned. GL


Bruce Hunt

March, 2, 2006 AT 9:27 PM

I assume that the engine is the 2.2L engine. When you dig into that rascal you need to pull a number of parts out of the way. The A/C the power steering, the alternator and the cruise I believe as well. The valve cover needs to come off and then you can start removing the time belt cover. There is the motor mount and that needs to be removed as well. Follow the repair manual, but take some good advice and buy a water pump, oil pump and the idler pulley is there as well. Replace these items now, not later. The one important item to note is the location of the pulleys. Mark the pulley and the engine to ensure an easy reinstall. If however you get lost, the timing and the life of your engine are at stake with getting the belt on properly. There is an arrow on the motor and the bottom pulley that must be lined up and the upper pulley will then need to be aligned with the two marks on the pulley being parallel with the top of the valve cover. Let us know if you get lost.

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