Having my machanic check my car out after problems, after I got it from a dealer

  • 4WD
  • 57,000 MILES
I got the suv mid feb an already having problems fuses going check engine lights Im taken it to my mechanic today he told me to make a check list of things I want looked at whats a good check list to give him?
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Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 AT 1:52 AM

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A list of the problems you're having or the things that aren't working properly. Most used car dealers offer a 50 / 50 30 day warranty to help people out when things like this pop up unexpectedly so you might want to visit the dealer that sold you the vehicle.

Unfortunately all manufacturers have an insatiable need to hang a computer onto every part of their vehicles now, and that adds to the complexity and the number of things that can go wrong, especially electrical problems. They seem to think we're impressed with all this technology when in reality many of us just put up with it, but we sure don't appreciate it.

In particular, your mechanic is going to want a list of intermittent problems. You can't expect him to sit in your vehicle and assume he's going to know all of the problems you're having. Also, if he sees a problem and it's not on your list, he is likely to ignore it. Often customers don't want to spend the money to have some problems fixed so they don't include them on the list. They will get angry if the mechanic diagnoses them and repairs them anyway, then hands them a bill for something they didn't want looked at. That's why you can't expect them to fix things you don't put on the list.
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Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 AT 2:07 AM

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