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March, 7, 2006 AT 7:55 AM

I own a 1999 Chev. S-10 with a 2.2l fuel injected motor with 120,000 miles. One morning I went to start my truck and it had a VERY noticable miss and was blowing white smoke from the tailpipe w/ some black soot coming out of the tailpipe. The timing chain has been reciently changed but it drove fine until now. I did some checking and found that the back 2 cylinders are not firing.(#3& #4) I checked Spark, Compression, Fuel Rail pressure(41lbs), had the computer scanned (no faults and all updates were installed) I also checked the wires going to the injectors with a noid light set and foung the back 2 injectors were acting very piculularly, if I removed them, both 3 & 4, the noid light would light(not pulse) but if I plugged either one back onto the injector the other would go dead. So I changed the back 2 injectors (no difference) and now I was told the cyl. Head may have had a problem, so I took the head off and inspected it and everything is fine along with the pistons and rings. The only thing I noticed were the spark plugs. The were wet. Very wet. But When I inspected the head, the valves and the cylinder were not wet. I am in the process of re-installing the head but need a little info on where to go from here.


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March, 7, 2006 AT 5:18 PM

Ive been having a similar problem with my 97 sonoma 2.2 its blows a sorta white sooty smoke and has a rough idle also the engine breaks up mainly at the top end of each gear. But no misses on the scanner. On the oscilloscope I got very low kv's I have not been able to diagnose the problem its definatly very rich and both the 02's have sense went bad. If you find anything out please contact me invernessltzrider@yahoo. Com



March, 8, 2006 AT 11:02 PM

I notice you said you checked the spark but you never said it was ok you may have a bad coil or even two the coils fire 1342 1 and 3 are on one coil and 2 and 4 on the other did you take a compression test on thoes two cyclinders. If you had a blowed head gasket on thoes two cyclinders that would explain to me the two wet plugs. Because when the engine comes up on the compression stroke it pushes the compression to the other cyclinder and visaversa. But if you had dead coils that would also give the same two wet plugs. Also check very carefully for vaccum leaks broken lines and things like that check that head gasket real close between thoes cyclinder 2.2 heads have a bad habit of warping because or head bolt strech make real sure you head is good and flat before you put it back on and I highly recomend you use new head bolts 2.2 heads also have a bad habit of leaking water on the driver side rear corner. Hope this helps (NOS)

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