GMC C1500



April, 6, 2007 AT 12:39 PM

I have an 89 sierra 1500-350 engine- what can I do to get the best possible fuel mileage out of my truck-

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April, 7, 2007 AT 11:14 AM

Well, I would see to the basics such as making sure your timing and idle are set correctly and you are firing on all eight cylinders- fuel pressure and mixture are correct, basically the whole tune-up routine. Then to get the most out of your fuel drive it like old grandpa and grandma out for a sunday drive- keep your foot out of it. Don't know if you are carberated or fuel injected but make sure your mixture is not set rich. Just make sure you are running as efficently as possible drive it easy. No fun but will strech your fuel farther. Good luck.



April, 7, 2007 AT 11:38 AM

Here's what I would do to verify that I'm getting the best fuel mileage out of a carbed engine.

1. Check for worn/old spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter. Replace as needed. Make sure the plugs are gapped according to your manufacturer specs.

2. Timing Checked according to your manufacturer specs.

Simple steps. : -)

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