Front oil cooler removal

  • 3.8L
  • V6
  • 2WD
  • 170,000 MILES
Someone attempted to assist me in removing my car listed above from where it was stuck in front of his house with a tow rope. He attached it to my radiator housing and spun his Dakota 4x4 tires for about 3 minutes before he forcefully removed it from my car told me to cut it off mumbled that my frame must have had prior damage and my car was “kapoot”. So I took a come a long and hooked to my radiator housing pulled the opposite way he did. Attempting to remove my busted oil cooler component, the one that looks like a small radiator and is installed between the radiator and my fans I’m having a bit of trouble. My Haynes manual has very little information, I need to know what size of flare wrench and open end wrench I need and what technique has to be used with the two wrenches to remove the lines from the oil cooler component. Should I just replace the entire oil cooling system? I had no option but to buy the kit to get the damaged part.
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Sunday, December 6th, 2020 AT 8:19 AM

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To start, I would absolutely replace the entire unit as this much damage there is no salvaging any part of it.

As for what size the tools are that you need, we don't have that info either. I imagine the oil lines are 13 mm but it would just require some trial and error. I would just buy a set of crows feet if you don't have them and it will contain the proper size.

I attached the process from Alldata on the cooler to see if that provides different information.

Let us know what questions you have.
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Sunday, December 6th, 2020 AT 11:51 AM

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