I had a grinding noise front wheel bearing hub

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Two weeks ago I had a grinding noise (even though I didnt feel any grinding) started to come from the front end. I showed it to the mechanic and he said that these are front bearings so he took the old bearings out and pressed the new ones in. Now another problem started after that which is driver side wheel is wobbling, between 60 and 65 mph my stearing starts to shake and it becomes worse when I apply brake at that speed and the grinding noise is still there and when ready to stop I hear grinding nosie in interval and also feel that on brake pedal too.

i took the car back to the mechanic and he said the hub is bad which I dont think is the case and he is also advising to change on of the rear bearing to get rid of the initial issue (grinding noise). He showed me the hub moving in uneven manner and the whole mechanism was pushing in and out like wheel is runng on uneven surface.

He used a manual press for the bearing job.

Please advise with all possibilities.

Thank you
Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 AT 7:20 AM

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Have the mechanic check he torque of the axle going through the hub assy. Also have him check the brakes as it sounds like the rotor is warped badly I have no idea how something like that could have happened. Unless the bearings have become loose in the hub/strut I really dont' think it's the hub but stranger things have happened. I would lean more toward s the ale not tight to proper specs or it has loosened up which would require anew nut. Also maybe the wheel wasn't seated correctly prior to tightening down. Of course if the axle nut wasn't tightened in the first place then it may have warped the hub as well. Not being able to eyeball this myself this is about all I can tell you.
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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 AT 8:12 AM

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