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Air Conditioning problem
2001 Ford Windstar 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive 135000 miles

When I engage the AC the engine stalls at low idle speeds. Also, the compressor makes a grinding noise even when not engaged. Occasionaly there is smoke comming from the compressor pully.
Last night the van would not turn over at all. Either by coinsidence the starter relay may have went out or the compressor is preventing the engine from turning over.

Is the not starting due to the compressor or could it be something else?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 AT 10:38 AM

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If the compressor is seized it can cause the engine not to start. A quick way to check would be to remove the serpentine belt and see if it starts. Leaving the compressor grinding causes metal particals to enter the major a.C components, and they are very hard to get out when trying to make a.C function again.

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 AT 10:54 AM

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