1993 Ford Thunderbird



September, 24, 2007 AT 4:49 AM

I have a 1993 ThunderBird LX V8 5.0 and the car wont start, its not getting a spark. The engine turns over and cranks. I replaced the ignition coil, replaced all spark plugs and wires properly. The alternator is fine, the battery connection is fine, the starter is fine, I added extra ground wires, the distributor cap and rotor is new, all the fuses are good, all other cables and wires are clipped in all the way, I have a very detailed repair manual, and I still hav'nt found the problem yet. I have done everythign I can think of except swap out the computer. 3 days ago the problems started, I was having a hard time getting the car started. Once it did start it would start right back up every time I turned the car off. Each day after sitting overnight it was hard to start in the morning. Today it would not start at all and now there is no spark. I have an older brother who is a mechanic that looked at it and still we cant figure out what is wrong. Please Help SinsOfUs@hotmail. Com


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October, 8, 2007 AT 3:45 PM

Their is two things that itcould be, the first which is a common problem on fords is the " ignition module" located under the hood directly on the distributer or along side the fire wall. Go to an autozone or murrays

buy a ignition module and replace it then see if this fixsthe problem if not as long as you don'tdamage the part in any way you can return it for your money. The next part is the ECM relay. If the Module is not the problem do the same. With this.

As I was saying though the module is a common fault in early fords.

Let me no what happens will figure it out.

I try to answer questions as though it were my car, like I m standing in your shoes looking to diagnose the problem.



October, 17, 2007 AT 4:20 AM

I got it fixed a while before there was a reply
i appreciate it though
it was the ignition module and the pick up coil
started and ran few days after changing the module and then did the same thing then I changed the pickup coil/stator I think its called and the problem is fixed

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