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Electrical problem
1994 Ford Tempo V6 Wheel Drive Type unknown Manual 115000 miles

My Car has trouble starting when it gets wet. It trys to start but will not catch. I was told that it is the cap and roater something is craked letting water in and that is why it will not start. I was told it was easy to replace but am not sure what part I need to buy. Any ideas?
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Monday, December 10th, 2007 AT 5:42 PM

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-I'd say go to your nearest Advance Auto store and get the Standard Blue Streak distributor cap and rotor. Any new cap will work, but the Blue Streak is somewhat over-engineered. The cap itself is thicker and it uses heavier, solid brass contacts instead of cheaper aluminum ones. Should run you about $20.

-All it takes to change them is a screwdriver and about 15 minutes. Hold the cap so it's pointing the same way as the old one. Then take one sparkplug wire at a time and put it on the proper terminal on the new cap. The rotor button only goes on one way. When you have the old cap off, just pull off the old button and press on the new one.

-One other thing to do is get a small tube of dielectrical grease and put a small dab around the inside edge of the sparkplug boot. Not only will this help the boot from sticking to the distibutor cap, it also helps insulate the boot from voltage leaks. And if you haven't already, you might as well get new plugs and plug wires too. NGK V-Power plugs are good basic plugs for your car. And a new set of plug wires can help out even more. Just remember to also use the dielectrical grease around the inside edge of the spark plug boot.

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