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August, 29, 2007 AT 11:34 PM

When my 1997 ford Taurus station wagon is in neutral or park the radio is on and sound comes out of the speakers. When I shift into drive the radio is still on but no sound comes out of the speakers. Has anyone else had this problem and is there an easy fix?


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September, 28, 2007 AT 11:39 AM

My 1997 Tauruas does this. When the car is in reverse, or passes reverse when shifting, the sound in the radio goes out, the power windows will not work, nor some other components.

I will try the solution posted and let you know.



November, 1, 2007 AT 8:59 AM

Justanold. Thanks much, you were right on the money. Right down to the socket size. : ) : ) : D : D The hardest part of the repair ws getting off the electrical connector.I was not sure how to take it off.

I have a 97 taurus, 3.01 engine. The symtons were when in reverse, the radio quit playing ( or passing over revesre), the power steering did not function, and at time the power windows would not work, every once in a while I woudl hear a sound like a relay switch going back and forth. Once in Drive every thing worked. I let this go for a while, and the other night the car did not shift properly, it stayed in 1st gear (top out at 20 mph). I replaced the switch and everything was good to go. Now I have tunes when I back up, but I have to admit I did like it when it turn the radio off while backing up. Nice safety feature.




November, 9, 2007 AT 8:31 PM

HELLO! What you describe is a bad TR sensor.

Steve's right on the money with this! I had this problem with my 97. The worst part is I did it to myself. Cleaned the engine with Gunk or similar product and hosed it off. In the process, I got a bunch of moisture into the TR sensor.

You wouldn't believe how many wacky symptoms this causes! Radio that won't play in drive, transmission shifting into passing gear for no reason, power window malfunctions, seat belt light coming on while driving down the road, loss of power steering assist. Yeesh!

I tore my hair out for months chasing this. Finally paid a pro to fix it. : Lol:

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