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Hey everyone,
I'm awfully glad that I found this forum. I just have a couple of questions. So let's start off simply. This diagnostics tool that is recommended on this site, the pocket one ($70) will it work on my 2001 Taurus? I am very new to autos and mechanics, I'm a software engineer, so I love experimenting. I just need the right tools to do so. The reason I ask is my mechanic here, good, but expensive, just charged me $75 for a reset and code check. Which came out to be a trip caused by the fuel lock. Something about it not being secure, either running the engine while filling. But I never do that. He is ordering a new O-Ring for the gas cap, to see if that will hold the pressure. I HATE not knowing what is wrong with my electronics and this includes my car. Coming from my position, it's awfully stupid to have ONE FRIGGIN LIGHT TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING. But from a business stand point it makes sense. So, will that $70 gauge work for me?

Okay, sorry about that length. The last question I have is, does anyone have any good resources to changing the oil in the 01 Taurus'? I would really like to learn how to do it but I'm so ignorant to this. Anything about the differences of weights of oil, regular vs synthetic. Stuff like that. What I really need tho is a step by step instruction of how to change the oil. Where the plug is, all that good stuff.

Thanks, sorry for the lengthy first post.
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 AT 11:09 AM

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You have an obd2 data link connector. If the diagnostic tool has the same connector(which it probably does) it will work. Go to your local auto parts store, they will have a manual that will show you step by step how to do almost anything to your vehicle.
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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 AT 7:00 PM

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