2004 Ford Taurus what is the best way to remove the engine?

  • 2004 FORD TAURUS
Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

i would like to know what is the best way to remove the engine on a 04 taurus. Is it from the top or the bottom? Thx
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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 AT 1:32 PM

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Removal (Sable & Taurus)
Disconnect battery negative terminal. Disconnect steering coupling pinch bolt joint from inside vehicle's passenger compartment. Remove windshield wiper and cowl extension. Disconnect main emission vacuum control connector at 2 connectors located on right of dash panel.
Disconnect sensor wiring from intake air temperature sensor. Disconnect crankcase ventilation tube and aspirator hose from air cleaner outlet tube. Loosen clamps on air cleaner outlet tube to throttle body and engine air cleaner.
Drain cooling system. Remove air cleaner outlet tube. Discharge A/C system using appropriate recycling/recovery equipment. Relieve fuel system pressure.
Disconnect fuel tube from fuel injection supply manifold.
Disconnect chassis vacuum supply hose and evaporative emission hoses from connector on upper intake manifold. Position hoses aside. Remove dash panel ground straps. At powertrain control module, disconnect connector, and position wiring aside.
Disconnect sensor wiring at mass airflow sensor. Disconnect engine control sensor wiring from throttle body and evaporative emission hose at evaporative emission canister purge valve.
Disconnect accelerator cable and speed control actuator cable from throttle body (removing shield) and from accelerator cable bracket, and position cables aside. Disconnect wiring connector from transmission range sensor.
Remove retaining nut and disconnect manual control lever from manual control lever shaft and transmission range sensor. Remove air cleaner cover. Disconnect wiring connector from top of transaxle.
Disconnect A/C compressor line from accumulator/drier. Disconnect heater hose from heater core inlet and outlet tubes. Disconnect recovery tank hose from upper radiator.
Disconnect upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose tube at water by-pass tube. Position upper hose aside. Disconnect ground cable from starter motor.
Remove power steering return hose from reservoir, and drain fluid. Partially raise vehicle. Remove front wheels. Disconnect generator wiring harness. Remove wiring harness retaining clip from starter motor.
CAUTION:DO NOT allow power steering fluid to come in contact with drive belts. Damage to drive belt may occur.

Disconnect wiring at connector on top right of fan shroud. Remove right and left front stabilizer bar links from stabilizer. Separate right and left suspension lower arms from knuckles at ball joints.
Separate tie rod ends from steering knuckles. Remove right and left front axle wheel hub retainers from halfshaft ends. Remove halfshafts from front wheel knuckles. Raise vehicle. Remove splash shield from radiator support and front bumper.
Drain oil and remove oxygen sensors. Remove dual converter "Y" pipe. Disconnect power steering pressure hose from power steering/transmission fluid cooler connection, and position hose aside.
Disconnect cooler tube from power steering/transmission fluid cooler connection. Position tube aside. Disconnect fluid cooler inlet tube from fluid cooler tube. Position fluid cooler inlet tube aside.
Disconnect lower radiator hose at radiator and radiator overflow hose. Disconnect starter motor wiring. Disconnect A/C compressor from A/C condenser core.
Support front sub-frame and engine/transaxle assembly using Rotunda Powertrain Lift (014-00765) and Universal Powertrain Removal Bracket (014-00766). Remove front sub-frame retaining bolts. Lower engine/transaxle and front sub-frame from vehicle.
Disconnect engine control sensor wiring from secondary air injection pump and power steering gear. Disconnect power steering pressure hose from power steering pump. Install Universal Engine Lifting Brackets (T70P-6000) or equivalent.
Connect Engine Lifting Spreader Bar (D93P-6001-A3) or equivalent to lifting eyes. Using a floor crane, support engine and transaxle. Remove left front engine support insulator, right front engine support insulator and engine and transmission support.
Lift engine and transaxle from front sub-frame. Lower assembly. Remove transaxle-to-cylinder block mounting bolts and separate engine from transaxle/torque converter assembly.
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