2000 Ford Taurus



November, 5, 2009 AT 6:46 AM

Heater problem
2000 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

I'm working on 2000 ford taurus for friend car has no heat heater core was partially clogged and flushed and blend door if at bottom of dash above heater core is working can see actuator move door and have operated door manually with actuator off problem is a/c comes on on every selection except for foot vent and blows ice cold a/c into car regardless of where temp is set at has knobs no climate control


No Heat


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November, 5, 2009 AT 6:32 PM

Check heater core hoses under hood they should be booth hot when engine at operating temp and if not you need to flush heater core again
if they are hot then blend door is stuck or the actuator is not working correct

Enter system self diagnose and check for codes let me know what you have for codes
these are the steps to enter the self diagnose
Ensure in-car temperature is 40-90 F (4-32 C) as false in-car temperature sensor DTCs will be displayed. Simultaneously depress OFF and FLOOR buttons, then press AUTO button within 2 seconds.
The display will show a dashed line in center of Integrated Control Panel (ICP) display window for up to 30 seconds while self-test is running.
Record all DTCs displayed.
And let me know
Self-diagnostics are complete when 888 is displayed in center of ICP display window.
Self-diagnostics can be initiated at any time with the resulting DTCs being displayed.
Normal system operation is stopped when system is in self-diagnostic mode



November, 10, 2009 AT 2:59 AM

Ok well that's good advice but car doesn't have auto climate control no buttons that can be pressed simultaneously car has knobs only but something is turning a/c on



November, 10, 2009 AT 4:40 PM

sorry i had no idea it a manual system and not the auto

if you see that the actuator is moving when heat selected and return when cold selected
remove blend door actuator and check make sure that the door is moving

this is how to do it
Removal & Installation
Disconnect negative battery cable.
Remove right lower console trim panel from instrument panel.
If equipped with center console, remove right, front side panel from console.
Disconnect A/C electronic blend door actuator connector from actuator.
Remove 4 screws retaining A/C electronic blend door actuator to heater/evaporator housing.
Remove A/C electronic blend door actuator.
To install, reverse removal procedure.

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