1999 Ford Taurus



December, 21, 2007 AT 3:12 PM

Transmission problem
1999 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 126784 miles

started up fine went into reverse a little slow put it in drive still a little slow drove for 5 min slowed down then tryed to speed up would not change gear put it in park let it sit for a few mins now it wont go in to any gear no check eng lights eng runs fine just stop going in gear.

1 Answer



December, 24, 2007 AT 9:22 AM

Green od light blinking by any chance? Trans issues may not necessarily set the check engine light. Tow it to a locally owned reliable trans repair shop for diagnosis. My 99 trans failed at 65k, planetary gearset fractured. 1450 for a rebuilt. Hopefully yours is otherwise. A lot of trans issues do not turn out cheap and simple. Good luck

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