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I have a question about a 2008 Ford Ranger. Before buying a scan tool for it, I would like to know if this model operates in CAN protocol as per the standard for all 2008 vehicles and newer, or is it still operating the OBD-II protocol?

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Most new vehicles and most good scantools are CAN capable !

The Diagnostic Methods Section provides information on routine diagnostic tasks.
When following powertrain diagnostics on vehicles with on board diagnostics (OBD), the system may be checked by an off-board tester referred to as a scan tool. This part contains information for carrying out diagnostics with a scan tool. A scan tool has certain generic capabilities that are standard across the automotive industry in the United States and Canada. All functions are selected from a menu. Refer to the instruction article provided by the tool manufacturer.

High Speed Controller Area Network (CAN)
High speed CAN is a serial communication language protocol used to transfer messages (signals) between electronic modules or nodes. Two or more signals can be sent over one CAN communications network circuit allowing 2 or more electronic modules or nodes to communicate with each other. This communication or multiplexing network operates at 500kB/sec (kilobytes per second) and allows the electronic modules to share their information messages.
Included in these messages is diagnostic data that is outputted over the CAN + and CAN - lines to the DLC. PCM connection to the DLC is typically done with a 2-wire, twisted pair cable used for the network interconnection. The diagnostic data such as self-test or PIDs can be accessed with a scan tool. For additional information on scan tool equipment, refer to DIAGNOSTIC METHODS.
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