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I own a 94 ford ranger 2wd 3.0 standard with 139k miles. Unfortunately, my brother in law drove the 1st 100k miles or so. Young and dumb come to mind with the way he treated it. I took ownership of the truck when he went to the navy with 116k miles on it and need of alot of TLC. The main problem was that it needed a clutch job (clutch, pressure plate, bearing.$600). The 3rd clutch on this truck.
I now have 139k on it.
My Question is, when I start it, the clutch feels great and shifts great. I get on the local HWy and run to my job site. When I get off the hwy, the clutch will go to the floor and it is very difficult to get into gear. Is this a Master Clutch slave problem? HELP!

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 AT 10:42 AM

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First step. Look up under dash where the clutch rod goes to the clutch master cyclinder if the back of it is wet and the fire wall is wet yes you need a master cyclinder you will also see some wires going to it? That is your neutral safety switch care must be taken if you have to remove it because you will reuse it. Step two. If you see no wetness there go underneath the truck and check for brake fluid leakage. Also check your mastercyclinder resavor when you take the cap off you should seea black rubber setting inside pull that out most make the mistake of not removinig it and just pour the brake fluid in. That is no no the cyclinder can't get any fluid with that in there. If it is empty fill about half full and rerplace black rubber and lid and try again if no luck you may have to have help bleeding it out also. Check and make sure bolts are all good and tight at the bellhouseing to the engine if they are not when you puush on clutch it shoves the tranny back and pedel will go to the floor. You really did pay too much for a clutch job in a two wheel drive truck it only takes two hours labor to do one hope this helps ya just take your time and look everything over and you will find the problem ( NOS )

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 AT 7:47 PM

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