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2000 Ford Ranger



March, 23, 2006 AT 10:40 PM

I have a 2000 Ranger XLT with 87000 miles on it. My truck was recently involved in a minor accident. It has since been repaired. It ran fine before this. When I start my truck and place it in drive and take my foot off the brake, it doesnt roll foward slowly like a vehicle normally should. When driving it seems like its taking too much power to go as fast as I am. I have checked my E-brake and its not on/stuck. Also when I drive for 10+ minutes and I get out I smell something like its burning. I have checked all fluids and all are full, although I do not know how to check the oil to see if its good/bad. However after I have been driving my truck for a little bit it wil roll foward after removing my foot from the brake while in drive. It has the same problems in R/1/2/D. It recently sat for 3 months in Alaska, with tempatures as low as -25. I have also burned almost 1/2 a tank of gas on 65 miles. Any ideas, or anything I could check myself?



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March, 25, 2006 AT 9:51 PM

Sounds like your first suspicion. I'd bet the brakes are dragging. Feel the wheels after a drive. I'll bet at least 1 is hotter than hell.

Good hunting and let us know. : )



March, 26, 2006 AT 7:29 PM

I have a 90 ford mustang 5.0 and I cant get spark I changed the icm, cap, and rotor. The coil is new



March, 26, 2006 AT 8:06 PM

Agreed with peppermj check your front calipers for drag they wil rust and not slide freely

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