1995 Ford Probe



February, 27, 2007 AT 6:32 PM

I have a Ford Probe and before I can make any adjustments to it I would like diagnosis of it. For one the car when one presses on the accelerater it seems to struggle to gain speed. Im currently thinkin it might b the transmission. I regularly set the idle speed back to its normal rpm and it still does it. Any one can help it woul b greatly appreciated.


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July, 23, 2007 AT 7:27 PM

I'm having a similar problem with my 95 SE. I'm also having an issue with it stalling shortly after I start it. It sometimes will go, and then stall after I'm driving. Repeatedly. Just recently started happening. I have roughlt 127 K Miles on mine, I believe a 2.0 engine. If anybody has any ideas what it is, please help us!



August, 16, 2007 AT 1:53 PM

I also have had simular problems with mine. Except with mine the car did NOT like to accelerate. I would turn onto a highway and press the gas pedal and the car would jerk and the rpms would almost max out. As it turned out it was in fact the transmission. It was skipping 2nd and 4th gear (my car is an AT) the repair shop had said that there suspected bolts broken inside the tranny and I needed a rebuild. We had done that and the car was fine for about a year until this time the car would decide that it just didnt want to drive. My step-father was taking it in to have the tranny looked at again and had to sit through a green light because the car would not drive. This time they said I needed a new tourqe convertor and since then the car has been good besides the new catalytic converter and a remaining issue with the check engine light telling me that the cat is causing prblems again. I had a hole in the cat before and had to get a new one, but now we are thinking that it is an O2 sensor or possibly the 2nd cat by the manifold. Which I did not know that this car had two cat convertors. And my probe does only have 66,000 miles on it. Way too many problems for that low of miles. One thing that I have learned from researching the cat it is that if they are clogged they can affect performance. This is just a guess, but it might be worth, and cheaper to start, looking into. And actually my car has stalled on me once while driving and I still have not figured out that one, especially since my idle is fine. But I do hope that by giving you the history of my car and symptoms help you in any way. I know its a lot but maybe there was something in here of use to you guys. Thanks!

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