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October, 13, 2006 AT 3:01 PM

I have an 89 Probe LX [i:77eaa260a0](non turbo)[/i:77eaa260a0] with 2.2 L.
It had quit running, but before it did, I could smell coolant in the exhaust. I suspect the head gasket had blown, so I've since began to tear it apart. I removed the head to find all cylinders had coolant in them. Number 3 had the most. I noticed some discoloration in the gasket, and cylinder walls:

Here's a shot of the head:

How do I know for sure the head gasket is blown for this much coolant to be in the cylinders?

The cylinder walls are discolored, and it needs a clutch, so I figure I'll take the motor out to make it easier. There's no ridge felt at the top of the walls, so can I get away with just honing and replacing the piston rings?

As for the head, I'm wondering if I should take it to a machine shop for reconditioning. As you can see, the #1 cylinder's exhaust valve is a bit darker than the others. I've thought about just changing the valve seals and cleaning it up in the parts washer, and then milling the deck enough for straightness. :?:


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October, 13, 2006 AT 9:21 PM

That does look like at least three of the cyclinders were taking on water #4 to me looks to be the worst. Man if you are going to all that trouble to freshen up that motor with all you said you were going to do I would have the head checked for cracks. I would wouldn't just hone the cyclinders and not put bearings in it you will still have a motor with all thoes miles and end up kicking your self because you didn't do it. By looking at the gasket, as your faceing the car in the right up corner it really looks like to me that water was getting into your oil also so that means your going to have a cam bearing problem and rods ands mains antifreeze is not good on bearings. I sure wood look it all over real good.(NOS) 8)



October, 14, 2006 AT 6:51 AM

You are correct. When I drained the oil after taking this picture, coolant came out first. I think I'll spend the extra money on getting the block and head reconditioned. Thanks for your reply. : )

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