1994 Ford F-250 Ignition Switch Actuator

  • 1994 FORD F-250
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 147,000 MILES
No tilt wheel. The part the key goes in is what I need to replace. I've looked around but the instructions I've found so far are not for my model year or it's for tilt.

I was a mechanic for about 15 years until I went back to school so I can follow basic instructions.
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Saturday, September 12th, 2009 AT 11:21 AM

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LOCK CYLINDER Removal & Installation (With Key) 1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering wheel. See STEERING WHEEL. Remove trim shrouds. Set ignition switch to RUN position. On vehicles with A/T, set selector lever to Park position. 2. Push retaining pin inward and pull out lock cylinder. Unplug wiring from lock cylinder. To install, lubricate lock cylinder. Turn lock cylinder to ON position. Push retaining pin inward and insert lock cylinder into housing. To install remaining components, reverse removal procedure. Removal (Without Key) 1. Use this procedure to remove ignition lock cylinder if key is missing or cylinder is frozen. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering wheel. See STEERING WHEEL. Remove steering column trim shrouds and tilt lever (if equipped). Use a 1/8" (3.17 mm) bit to drill out retaining pin. DO NOT drill deeper than 1/2" (12.7 mm). 2. Place a chisel at base of lock cylinder cap. Strike chisel with sharp blows to break cap away from lock cylinder. Using a 3/8" (9.52 mm) bit, drill out center of lock cylinder key slot. Drill approximately 1 3/4" (44 mm) deep until lock cylinder breaks away from base. 3. Remove metal shavings from lock cylinder housing. Remove drive gear, bearing retainer, and actuator. Thoroughly clean all metal shavings and other foreign materials from housing. Carefully inspect housing for damage. If damage is apparent, replace housing. Installation 1. Lubricate and install drive gear, bearing, and retainer. Lubricate cylinder cavity. Rotate lock cylinder to RUN position. Press retaining pin inward and insert new lock cylinder into lock cylinder housing. 2. Before turning key to OFF position, ensure cylinder is fully seated and aligned. Use key to rotate cylinder to check that mechanical operation is okay in all positions.


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Saturday, September 12th, 2009 AT 11:30 AM

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