1998 Ford F-150



November, 13, 2008 AT 5:40 PM

Electrical problem
1998 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 168000 miles

My cruise control and my horn have stopped working. The cruise buttons don't even light up at night anymore. I can't find anything in the owners man. About a fuse or relay for either of these things. Can you help me?


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November, 13, 2008 AT 10:38 PM

This system automatically controls the speed of the vehicle when cruising at a stable highway speed. The speed control system consists of the following:

Speed control amplifier/servo assembly
Speed control cable
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
Speed control actuator switch
Stop light switch
Deactivator switch
Clutch pedal position switch (manual transmissions only)
The speed control system operates independently of engine vacuum and, therefore, does not utilize any vacuum lines.

The speed control amplifier integrates the system electronics, thereby eliminating any other electronic control modules in the vehicle. The amplifier controls the vehicle's speed via a cable attached to the throttle body lever.

The speed control actuator switch assembly is mounted on the steering wheel and allows the driver to control the system's operation. The switch assembly contains five control buttons for system functioning, namely: ON, OFF, RESUME, SET ACCEL, COAST.

The system will continue to control the vehicle's speed until the OFF button is used, or the brake pedal or clutch pedal (manual transmissions only) is depressed.


I believe you are dealing with two seperate problems. Did they both stop working at once?

Check your fuses.




November, 14, 2008 AT 5:52 AM

I believe you are dealing with two seperate problems. Did they both stop working at once?

Check your fuses.

I can't find, in the owner's man, which fuses are for the horn and/or cruise control as they both stopped at the same time, I believe the problem must be related. The diagram you sent me is to small to read and when I enlarge it, it goes out of focus.

Thanks for your assist. Please keep the info coming, I don't want to have tp pay Ford to do this for me.

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