1997 Ford F-150 Stripped spark plug hole

  • 1997 FORD F-150
  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 180,000 MILES
I have a '97 F150 that threw a spark plug. The is stripped, so I got a Dorman repair kit(the heli-coil kit was super expensive). I've installed the kit and it sounds like here is still a leak. I followed the instructions that came with it. The socket that fit the collar was just small enough to fit in to the plug hole, so I figureed it wouldn't get cross threaded. Any suggestions?
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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 AT 1:00 AM

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See my profile. Imma CJ Kinda Guy

I have used "Helicoil"s many times, and they have been nice to me! Gotten me out of a bind here and there.

These are some examples: Bellhousing bolts, transmission, and Most of all HEAD BOLTS in the Engine Block. In my '46 Willys Jeep. These applications were all CAST IRON (female end, of course)

On my '77 CJ 5 several repairs in steel and Cast Iron. Used with other personnels problems too.

BUT. Remember---ME--ME--ME--as Wonderful, Crafty, Smart, Gifted, and Sought out by Women of the World. AS I AM. Me, Aluminum, and Helicoils, DO NOT MIX!

My Holley 390 CFM Carburator on my '77 CJ 5.I JUST COULD NOT GET THE COILS TO PROPERLY THREAD IN (this is where the fuel bowl bolts on). My kit had about 20 Helicoils in it for that size. Each BAD installation, I grabbed the end of it and pulled, Sorta looked like stretching out a spring, to remove them. The 1st Threads would always Space out a Gap, between the beginning 2 or 3 Threads. The only thing I knew to do was re-run the Tap and keep trying.


In the end, I had correct Carb Jets installed, SO I FORCED IN THE BOLTS. Not my preferred fix. But I Do not leak fuel, and all is well. UNLESS I NEED BACK IN!

I have had that same expeience with other Aluminum things.

So heres all I might add. Maybe make you upset.I do not know. But I will give you some REAL ADVICE that will get you repaired.

1) Without ever having done a Helicoil. No Mentor involved.I could EZily see "Muffage" when making that 1st attempt, "Blind and Lost"

2) Did your plug THREAD IN EZily, or was it a FORCED THING. May be too late to attempt another Helicoil. Dependent on answer.

3) I see you are a Frugal person, as I am, can you remove the head. If not Try Tech School Auto shop. Or Ask a Small, well to do, Auto Salvage yard to recommend a "Little Guy" small Time Mechanic."WHO CARES" and does good work. And is INEXPENSIVE, not covered up. They will know EXACTLY the Guy you want. For that is who they would Recommend their own mother too!

4) A cooler a assorted Water and Soft drinks. Offered within the 1st 2 minutes of talking to this feller. Do this Tactfully. As If you were just getting one for yourself. Then say, "I'm sorry, Here I've got plenty". Big Time Brownie Points, Especially if you can get him to take "Round 2" toward the end of your conversation.

Upon your returns to get the head from this mechanic to take it to an----Automotive Machine Shopand back(they can drill out, and press in inserts. To sorta take the Helicoil out of the Equation, to get your plug to go back in.). Each trip, even at the machine shop.$3-$6 in soft drinks may save you $50 or more in the END!

I do this at the Salvage Yards around here. It will even get you Freebies on occassion!


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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 AT 9:11 AM

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