1985 Ford F-150 engine problems

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Engine Performance problem
1985 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 91,000 miles

My truck seems to drive fine around town but I've noticed while driving my truck on the highway(i live in south florida so there aint any hills) when I get my truck up to 70mph and drive for a while. I start to lose pressure on the gas to where I'm having to floor it just to maintain my speed. If I continue to keep going I will slowly but gradually start losing my speed. While this is goin on my engine temp. Will start to increase. I can pull over, let it cool down and hop back on the highway get back up to 70mph but all the previously listed problems will occur again. Any idea what it could be?

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 AT 5:46 PM

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See my profile, Imma CJ Guy.I do not know your rig well, My Pap has '86 T-Bird, has had 1 engine rebuild, bought it new. Over 1/2 Million Miles, Still holding its own.

I have done most of maintenence and repairs after departing the Army and I moved back from Arkansas, in 1993. All of my close relatives and friends too!

This same situation you are having, also happened to him, around the time I moved back. Remember T-Bird w/ 3.8 V-6 Throttle body injection.


It was really nasty, when I cut it open to inspect it.

Had to really be starving at 70 MPH, on ocassion, on the Highway, it was OK at lower speeds, Pap drives Sensibly and usually around our Town, 50 MPH or less.

This was "OUR FIX"

Near Rear Wheel, on or near the frame rail (Your Location Unknown. Or even if you have one) About the size of a soup can. With your replacment on hand, you will know what to search for.

A Chilton or Haynes Manual would assist you greatly, for location and Schedule to change such Items! And Lots More Good Info. The troubleshooting sections, are very helpful (in case this is not your fix) About $30 at Major Auto Parts Stores. Always keep it in your rig, for "Stranded" Situations.

On Pap's, 2 Plastic "Cotter Pin Like" Forks retain each end, it is sealed by "O" Rings. Sorta pulls loose with retainers out. Watch for MINOR GAS SPRAYAGE. PROTECT YOUR EYES. Maybe cover the filter with a RAG before separating from the line.

Reply below W/ GOOD NEWS!

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 AT 9:44 PM

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