1997 Ford Explorer


Brian Rosky

February, 6, 2010 AT 4:12 PM

Heater problem
1997 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

My heater is blowing cold air,

I replaced the Control Panel, flushed out the two hoses that go to the heater core assuming it might have been cloged, replaced the thermostate.
Checked to see if I had any leaks where the heater core is located and there was no dampness & no smell.

Thank you for your help,



No Heat


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February, 6, 2010 AT 8:01 PM

Hello -

So was it working fine and then all of a sudden not hot air or was it gradually getting cooler and cooler then quit?

How does the temperature gauge of the engine read. Normal?

With the engine at normal operating temperature. Feel both heater hoses going into and out of the firewall. Do they both feel hot or is one colder.

What is your engine size in liter?


Brian Rosky

February, 7, 2010 AT 12:25 PM

The Heater stopped suddenly!

Both hoses going to the heater core are very warm!

I noticed that the heater core compartment under the glove compartment was warm and still blowing out cold air, the blend door is working correctly.

The temperature guage is working correctly, we just replaced the termostate last week becasue the temperature was reading very cold!

The engine is a V-6 4.0 Liter

Could it be a sensor on the water pump?

Please advise and thank you for your help in this matter,




February, 8, 2010 AT 8:47 PM

Hello -

Thanks for the info Brian

To me, I lean to the control panel or blend door area.......my reasons.....see what you think..

You said you flushed the heater core hoses, so I assume that means you flushed the heater core and had good water flow from both sides of the core. That would indicate the core is okay.

The temp of the vehicle was very cold.......you changed the thermostat.....heater was working fine......temp of engine.....fine. That would indicate again, the heater core is working okay and the water pump is working okay.

Why did you replace the control panel.....do you have an automatic or manual system..

How are you verifying the blend door is working as it should?

Are you sure the connectors are definitely secure on the back of the panel since you had it removed and or there are no wires pulled out.

Also, that there are no vacuum lines that came disconnected or split when you removed it.

Then you said it just stopped..............

Now the only thing that may point to the inlet control valve or possible poor cooling system operation is you said the hoses were warm. The hoses should be too hot to handle.

Here are some tests for you...............

Here are some tests for you for insufficient or erratic or not heat.





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