1997 Ford Explorer



October, 9, 2008 AT 4:39 PM

Electrical problem
1997 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

Whenever the headlights are turned either by switch or twilight sensor, only the parking lights come one, the high beams work when you hold back the lever as to flash, but do not work when you press it forward for them to stay on, and regular beam does not come on. Sometimes when you shake the lever back and forth, something clicks and the lights come on. I have checked the fuses and the relay fuses under the hood and also have replaced the headlight switch itself and the problem still remains, what could be causing this?


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October, 13, 2008 AT 10:26 PM


This may sound silly, but have you checked the bulbs? Your headlight bulbs each have 2 filaments in them - one that illuminates for your low beams and one for the high beams that's a higher wattage. You'd be surprised how easy it is to drive around with one headlight out and not realize it until the other one goes out as well; )



October, 14, 2008 AT 10:39 PM

It turns out it was the multi-function switch that controls the wipers / hazards / and both beams, the high beams work to flash when you pulled the lever back because that runs on a different circuit, whereas the regular on high beam on are on the same and something was faulty within the switch. A very easy fix once I found it. Thanks for your suggestions.

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