1996 Ford Explorer Blows hot Air

  • V8
  • AWD
  • 127,000 MILES
My 1996 Ford Explorer A/C is not working properly. I had the compressor changed last year. We do not use the Explorer very much because of gas prices. So everything was serviced in accordance with. However, now when I turn the Air conditioner on, it blows cold air for a little while, then you hear a door or something close and it starts blowing extremely hot air. Does anyone know what this door or panel may be? And what is causing it to close? Where is this Door/Panel located?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 AT 10:41 AM

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I had this problem on my 96 Explorer. On the Explorer, hot water is always running through the heater core. There is a door inside the duct that blends the hot air that passes over the heater core and the cold air that passes through the A/C coil. The door is acuated with a small electric motor that is mounted to the top of the duct under the dash. On mine, the motor turned the door too far, and the door eventually cracked. It would have cost $800 for the dealer to replace the whole duct unit. Instead, I cut a slot in the bottom of the duct and pulled out the door, glued together the broken parts, reinstalled the door, and reinstalled the bottom section of duct. Then, I put JB weld on the heater knob so it wouldn't turn as far to prevent it from happening again. When I cut the slot in the bottom of the duct, I only cut three sides, so that one side was still attached to the duct, and I just bent down the part I cut to get the door out.
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Friday, May 23rd, 2008 AT 12:16 PM

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